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Tre Cocktail at Bar Tre Dita at The St. Regis Chicago

Tre Cocktail

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Tre Dita, Italian for “three fingers”—a nod to the precise thickness of an authentic Bistecca All Fiorentina steak—is a love letter to Italy. As such, Diane Corcoran, Bar & Spirits Director for The St. Regis Chicago, created nine original signature cocktails for the “cucina Toscana” and Bar Tre Dita including the Tre, an Italian spin on a martini that features, fittingly, three parts: Italian gin, bianca vermouth and grappa, a palate-pleasing brandy.

Corcoran recommends starting off your meal at Tre Dita with a Tre, La Panzanella insalati and the Schiacciata Bianca, Chef Evan Funke’s signature focaccia bread.

Tre cocktail at Bar Tre Dita

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Tre Cocktail

A spirited Italian martini

Yield: 1 cocktail


2 oz. Piucinque Italian Gin
1 oz. Contratto Bianco Vermouth
½ oz. Lorenzo Inga Gavi di Gavi Grappa
1 lemon coin
4 drops saline from 4:1 solution (recipe below)
1 fresh lemon peel, expressed


1. Combine 4 parts salt and 1 part water (i.e. 4 tbsp. salt + 1 tbsp. water) and mix well to dissolve salt.
2. Pour into a dropper bottle and label. The saline solution is ready to use immediately.

1. Combine gin, vermouth, grappa, lemon coin and saline drops over ice in a cocktail mixing glass and stir for about 10 seconds until chilled and combined.
2. Strain into a frozen coupe glass.
3. Twist fresh lemon peel to express over cocktail.

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