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Spanish Charcuterie Cone

Spanish Charcuterie Cones

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Lil’ Ba-Ba-Reeba! shares their fun and easy recipe for these Spanish Charcuterie Cones that are sure to be a hit with your guests. Follow the recipe or use it as inspo for your own creations!

Spanish Charcuterie Cone

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Spanish Charcuterie Cones

A fun addition to any party spread

Yield: 12 portions


• 12 thin slices of cured Spanish chorizo
• 12 thin slices of salchichon
• 9 ounces of sliced cured Spanish ham, Serrano or Ibérico
• 9 ounces of Manchego cheese cut into small cubes
• 24 picos (mini breadsticks) - optional
• 12 paper or bamboo cones


1. Place 1 pico if using in the bottom of the cone.
2. Neatly arrange the meats and manchego in the cone.
3. If using picos, place the second one sticking out of the top.

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