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Lettuce Brand Assets

Here you will find the most up-to-date assets and resources of the Lettuce Entertain You brand. For a more in-depth look at our brand guidelines, please download the brand guidelines book from the link below. Contact if you have any questions.


The Lettuce Entertain You® logo is composed of the Logotype and the Server & Stars.The Stacked logo1 is the primary logo and should be used in most instances. The Horizontal logo2 is for use in a wide format environment, e.g. website navigation, digital headers and other pieces that need a small logo. The Server & Stars3 can be used separately from the logotype as long as the full logo is displayed somewhere else within the same piece.

Lettuce Entertain You Full Logo 1
Lettuce Entertain You Horizontal Logo 2 Lettuce Entertain You Full Logo 3

Logo Appearance

The logo should typically be full color when used on a white background but can be black (or an approved color when color is limited). It should appear as two colors when used on a flood of Lettuce green (shown below), white when used on a flood of charcoal, or any dark color, and white when used on photos with a dark overlay. Any use of the logo should have adequate contrast between it and the background.

Full color (or approved color) on white

White and charcoal on Lettuce green

White on charcoal (or any dark color)

White on photography with dark overlay


These color proportions should be practiced on any Lettuce branded collateral to represent the brand identity accurately, as shifting the visual weight of them can have a dramatic effect on consistency and familiarity.

CMYK 84-23-100-9
RGB 37-136-52
HEX #258834

CMYK 66-69-57-56
RGB 58-48-54
HEX #3A3036

WHITE CMYK 0-0-0-0
RGB 255-255-255

color proportions


Headlines / Large Headlines

LP Cervo Grotesk

LP Cervo by FontForum | Kerning set to Optical | tracking +10 | Uppercase


Edison Com Book Italic

Edison by Linotype | Kerning set to Auto | Tracking -25 | Sentence Case

Secondary / Small Headers

Brandon Grotesque

Brandon Grotesk of HVD Fonts | Kerning set to Optical | Tracking +100 | Uppercase

Body Copy / Disclaimers

Brandon Grotesque Regular + Italic

Brandon Grotesk of HVD Fonts | Kerning set to Optical | Tracking +10 | Sentence or Title Case

drawn wine glass drawn wine glass green stars