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Our Culture of Caring


You can only care for others if you take good care of yourself. We support your efforts to be physically and emotionally well.

Caring for Each Other

Our success depends on everyone working together as a team. We believe that asking for help is a sign of strength and we are always there for each other.

Caring for our Guests

We do whatever it takes to make every guest happy. We call it above and beyond.

The Answer Is Yes. The Question Is How.

Our commitment to caring for our guests comes from a love of food and beverage and a passion for guest service at every point of contact.

We train our talented teams to select, prepare and serve the highest quality products and to deliver the best possible total dining experience to our guests.


Benefits are an important part of where you choose to work. We provide a competitive rewards package that recognizes what you bring to Lettuce and what you contribute when you’re here. And we are always looking for new and better ways to help you care for yourself and for your family – because happy and healthy teams take better care of our guests and each other.

Although benefits eligibility varies based on things like position, hours worked, location and length of service, and all benefits are subject to change, some of the benefits you might expect are listed here. More details are available throughout the application and hiring process.


Lettuce Help You Fund

The Lettuce Help You Fund is one of the many ways our employees care for each other. Non-supervisory restaurant employees may donate as little as $1.00 per paycheck to help fellow employees in need. A committee of peers awards financial assistance to anonymous employees who are facing an eligible catastrophic financial hardship.

Some examples of past recipients include employees who neededhelp paying household bills due to unexpected illness, faced eviction or foreclosure, required airfare to attend the funeral of a loved one, and had to relocate their homes due to floods and fires. It's all about employees caring for employees.

Founder and owner of Lettuce Entertain You

Job Development & Advancement

"We are committed to the development of our people, which in turn leads to the success of our business.” - Richard Melman

Everyone at Lettuce is encouraged to develop and grow in their own way, and those with the desire, qualifications and drive find real opportunity for advancement. There’s proof: a lot of Lettuce leaders began their careers in entry-level positions in our restaurants. The secret to their success is no secret. It’s dedication to excellence, outstanding performance and consistently going above and beyond

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Our History

“Lettuce Entertain You started because of ideas. We are agroup of entrepreneurs who work under one umbrella and it’sour Culture of Caring that bonds us. Caring about thefood, service, our people and our guests.” - Richard Melman

Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants,one of the most influential restaurant organizations in the country, currently owns, licenses or manages more than more 60 brands and 130 restaurants in a dozen states including Illinois, Minnesota, Maryland, Nevada, Virginia, Washington D.C., Texas and Florida.

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Meet Our Team

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Lettuce team since 2004

What I love about my job: Being able to give people happiness through food. I also really like the work environment around me.

After a busy day, I like to: Come home to relax and spend time with my family.

Favorite guilty pleasure: The linguine with shrimp at Antico Posto! Favorite drink is Weekend and Amalfi.

My mentors and how they helped me: The people who were with me in the development of my career always believed in me and motivated me to be able to do what I imagined, they were always giving me motivation not to give up. Lindsay and Tony (at Antico Posto) are part of me being where I am now.

If you want a restaurant career: You need a lot of dedication and discipline since it is a very difficult, demanding, and busy job.

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General Manager

Lettuce team since 2013

My first Lettuce job: Bartender at L Woods

First job ever: Lifeguard when I was 16 (back when I used to actually be able to get a tan)

What I love about my job: Being able to build relationships with both my team members as well as our guests. As important as it is for the guests to leave happy, it's equally important that every member of our team enjoys coming to work and takes pride in what we do. Every day is different which brings unique and exciting challenges that you don't get in other industries.

My mentors and how they helped me: I've had the good fortune of being around some of the best partners in the company … Adam Rochman & Bob Loeschorn with Wildfire, then Michael Giles & Cannon Porter at Aba. They've all been instrumental in both laying the foundation for my career path and instilling such a positive culture within the restaurants, then giving me the support and guidance to expand my leadership role.

If you want a restaurant career: Be flexible, willing to learn, and open to change and new ideas. Build and cultivate as many relationships as possible.

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Sarah Wurz


Lettuce team since 2007

My first Lettuce job: Mity Nice Grill around 17 years ago! A good friend of mine referred me for a hostess opening. Eventually I started serving, then bartending. I'm still close with a lot of the people I met while I was there.

First job ever: When I was 15 years old, I worked as a stage hand in my high school theatre … it was with friends and we got paid. Plus, I got to meet Mohammed Ali once during a charity concert -- that was cool!

What I love about my job: You can know within a couple minutes or less if the person you're talking to has worked in restaurants. No matter where you are in this industry, we've all worked the same shift.

After a busy day, I like to: Watch Golden Girls! Any 90's sitcom will do, but GG is the best.

Favorite guilty pleasure: Olive Garden salad and bread sticks. Don't bring me the skimpy bowl for one … if I get myself all the way to an Olive Garden, I'm here to throw down.

My mentors and how they help me: I've learned so much from so many people, especially Kevin Bratt, our Beverage Director. I wouldn't be where I am now without his encouragement and expectation that I'm doing the work to build my knowledge and skills. I'm a more supportive person now because of the support he has shown me.

If you want a restaurant career: The best thing you can do is show up -- to shifts, to extra classes, to more training, to people who need you. Own your mistakes. Find your people in the staff. Listen, a lot. Ask questions. Know that it is going to be awful sometimes, but mostly it will be fine, and occasionally amazing. And most importantly, don't drink too much the night before your Mother’s Day brunch shift.

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Danny Morales Angelito

Chef de Cuisine

Lettuce team since 2018

My first Lettuce Job: I’ve been working at Joe’s since the beginning.

First job ever: I was a pizza maker at Connie’s Pizza.

What I love about my job: I love the level of professionalism and high standards that Joe’s carries.

Favorite guilty pleasure food or drink: : I love a really nice chicken enchiladas and piña colada.

My mentors and how they helped me: Showing me the ways of Joe’s but also allowing me to show my skills to become a better chef and leader.

If you want a restaurant career: No matter what position you start off in, do your best work and never stop trying to learn something new. There’s always better opportunities and room for improvement.

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Vosslar Brown

Garnishment and Compliance Analyst

Lettuce team since 2002

First job ever: Working in a call center doing grocery store surveys.

What I love about my job: Working for Lettuce has afforded me the ability to have a career as well as be a very involved mother with my three children. Also, because I'm an analytical person, I love that my job is based on fact, no grey area.

After a busy day, I like to: To get in my truck and blast my music and enjoy my long drive home.

Favorite guilty pleasure food or drink: Frosted Flakes and Fruit Loops … I love cereal!

My mentors & how they helped me: We pray together on a regular basis as well as her telling me to always stay true to who you are and maintain my ethics and morals at all times. Try to make everyday a little better than the day before and it's easier to do it with a smile rather than a frown!

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Allison Frey

Office Manager

Lettuce Family Since 2001

My first Lettuce Job: A server on the patio at Mon Ami Gabi Lincoln Park in 2001

First job ever: Busser and room service runner at a Holiday Inn.

What I love about my job: New people and new challenges every day! Also, the wide variety of roles within a single store: I've done everything from food runner to dishwasher, to sommelier to Maitre d’ and now I'm an office manager. There is opportunity to expand your resume while in the same restaurant.

After a busy day, I like to: Eat, of course! And a glass of Champagne never hurts.

Favorite guilty pleasure food or drink: Too many to list … and there is no guilt involved!

My mentors & how they helped me: I've had many mentors through my time at Lettuce. Each one has taught me just a fraction of what they have learned, but each of them was passionate about their job. They helped me by showing me that I must find my own passion and dive into it.

If you want a restaurant career: Go for it! It is a unique experience of working with a team, but also meeting new people every day. The service industry can offer a person insight, humility and empathy … and those skills can be applied to so many other roles and future careers.

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