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Sake pours by the glass and signature dishes at Sushi-san Lincoln Park

Now Pouring: Sake for Summer

Sip by-the-glass at Sushi-san and The Omakase Room

Everyone loves a spritz, but this summer, why not switch things up with a refreshing glass of sake? Make a plan to sample this underappreciated summer sip on the patio at the newly opened Sushi-san – Lincoln Park, where Certified Sake Professional Daniel Bennett has curated 16 different options available in 3- or 8-oz. pours – the Windy City’s largest selection of sake by-the-glass! Or, step into the sleek dining room at The Omakase Room at Sushi-san in River North to enjoy sake expertly paired with an 18-course tasting menu from Chef Kaze Chan.

Get ready to drink in some sake knowledge and top picks from Bennett below. 

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A glass of sake at Sushi-san Lincoln Park

Ichido Sparkling Rosé 

Ichido Sparkling Rose Sake at Sushi-san Lincoln ParkYou can never go wrong with bubbles! Bennett says that Ichido crafts its sake using the most elegant and traditional way, Méthode Champenoise, right in the bottle. For this rosé that’s available by the glass at Sushi-san – Lincoln Park, Ichido uses locally sourced black rice that adds a blush of pink and a savory quality to the off-dry sparkling sake.

Enjoy a refreshing glass of sake along with the recipe for Sushi-san’s Charred Broccolini Goma-Ae.

Heiwa Natsu no Shippu “Summer Winds” 

Heiwa Natsu no Shippu “Summer Winds” sake at The Omakase RoomBennett says this seasonal sake from the pairing menu at The Omakase Room has many qualities that reflect and celebrate the summer weather for which Chicago waits all year. With a touch of sweetness up front and a dry finish, notes of apple and a soft texture accompany every sip, making this the perfect sake to enjoy as you watch bright white clouds roll through the sky on summer breezes. 

Learn more about The Omakase Room at Sushi-san.

Yuzu Sake

Yuzu sake available by the bottle and the glass at Sushi-san Lincoln ParkYuzu is Japan’s go-to citrus fruit, boasting the aromatics of grapefruit and the refreshing tartness of lemon, but with a cleaner finish. Bennett says breweries blend this and other fresh juice with premium sake to create a sweet-and-sour libation typically lower in alcohol content (7-10 percent), making it a wonderful mid-afternoon pick-me-up. Sushi-san in River North and Lincoln Park both serve yuzu sake chilled or over ice, with selections available by the glass or bottle, including Shibata Black Yuzu.


The Omakase Room Sake San pouring a glassSake-san is Sushi-san’s exclusive, small-batch sake made in collaboration with Daimon Brewery in Osaka, Japan. This special Jizake (meaning “local sake”) pairs perfectly not only with the menu at the San restaurants but also complements Chicago’s cuisine and regional preferences. Bennett says that like food, sake can also be tied to place, with each city or region having a unique identity. Sake-san’s notes of honeydew are backed by the umami expressed as cocoa and toast, giving it a crisp yet bold finish. An ideal summer sake, it’s available at all San restaurants!

Learn more about sake from Certified Sake Professional Daniel Bennett.

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