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Our Picks For the Coziest Comfort Food

These dishes will comfort you to your core

We’ve rounded up all our favorite meaty, cheesy, gooey, fried dishes – all made with love – from your favorite Lettuce Entertain You restaurants. Read on to find out all of our favorite comfort foods that are sure to satisfy any craving.

Bub City’s Fried Pickles

Fried Pickles at Bub CityBub City’s entire menu is comfort food but one of our top picks? The classic Fried Pickles served with housemade creamy ranch for dippin’.

Mac and Cheese from Bub City

Might we also suggest checking out Pheobe’s Mac n Cheesy and the Smokie’s Double Beef Chili!

Order carryout or delivery from Bub City – River NorthMake a reservation at Bub City – River North.

Order carryout or delivery from Bub City – Rosemont. Make a reservation at Bub City – Rosemont.

Looking to try making fried pickles at home? Check out Bub City’s recipe for fried pickles.

Pizzeria Portofino’s Parmesan Fries

Crispy Parmesan Fries at Pizzeria PortofinoWhat is it about fried potatoes? We don’t ask, we just eat. Pizzeria Portofino’s crispy fries are topped with parmesan cheese and come with a side of garlic aioli. Pair it with one of the signature pizzas and you’ve got instant happiness. For more fries, here are our spots to eat the best fries.

Pizzeria Portofino Rigatoni Vodka pastaMore of a pasta person? The Rigatoni Vodka is topped with a whipped burrata, fresh basil and Calabrian chilis for a kick.

Order carryout or delivery from Pizzeria Portofino. Make a reservation at Pizzeria Portofino.


Mon Ami Gabi’s French Onion Soup

Hand holding a full spoon over a cheesy bowl of french onion soup

It’s soup season, and that means we’ll be at Mon Ami Gabi for the iconic French Onion Soup at least twice a week.

Make a reservation or order carryout or delivery at the Mon Ami Gabi location nearest you. 

Make it a home, view Mon Ami Gabi’s French Onion Soup recipe.

Check out more of our favorite soups here.

A Piping Hot Bowl from Ramen from  Ramen-san

Tonkotsu ramen bowl with molten egg

A bowl of ramen is like big warm hug on a cold day. Enter Ramen-san!

Order carryout or delivery from the Ramen-san location nearest you. Make a reservation at Ramen-san.

 Ema’s Hummus with Lamb Ragu

Ema lamb ragu hymmus

Ema’s Lamb Ragu Hummus is perfect for the rainiest of days. The signature creamy hummus is topped with a juicy braised lamb with spiced harissa. Dip a pice of housemade bread for a perfect bite.

Order Ema for carryout and delivery.  Make a reservation at Ema.

Green Chili & Chicken Enchiladas from Beatrix

Beatrix Green Chili & Chicken EnchiladasThe Green Chili & Chicken Enchiladas with tomato and avocado salsa, chili verde and crema will certainly boost your dopamine levels. Top it off with a stop at the pastry counter for house-made cookies, gluten-free brownies and more!

Order carryout or delivery from the Beatrix location nearest you | Make a reservation at the Beatrix location nearest you

Pad Thai from Big Bowl

Hearty plate of Big Bowl's shrimp pad thai with a lime quarter and chopsticks on the side

The classic Chicken, Vegetable, Shrimp or Tofu Pad Thai at Big Bowl is crave-worthy for lunch and dinner.

Order carryout or delivery from the Big Bowl location nearest you.

Make Chicken Pad Thai at home with this recipe from Big Bowl, find it here.

Fried Chicken from Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab

Plate of crispy and golden fried chicken from Joe's

We’d venture as far to say that Joe’s Fried Chicken might be the juiciest we’ve ever tasted. Lovingly coated in seasoned flour and cracker meal blend, it could also make a run for one the crispiest. Pair it with a bottle of champagne for your next special stay-at-home occasion.

Make a reservation or order carryout or delivery from the Joe’s Seafood location nearest you. 

Check out this list of the best fried chicken dishes around Lettuce Entertain You restaurants.

The Spicy Lamb Ragu Hummus from Aba

Hearty bowl of hummus from Aba, topped with spicy lamb ragu and golden pita bread on the side

An Aba signature? The Spicy Lamb Ragu Hummus. Dip into this little piece of heaven with their warm, housemade pita topped with Za’atar seasoning, for a melt-in-your-mouth Mediterranean delight.

Make a reservation at Aba – Chicago. Order carryout or delivery from Aba- Chicago.

Make a reservation at Aba – Austin. Order carryout or delivery from Aba – Austin.

The Buffalo Chicken Nachos from RJ Grunts and the Famous Pulled Chicken Nachos from Hub 51

R.J. Grunts Buffalo NachosLet’s talk nachos. For this comfort category, we just couldn’t decide so here are two you’ve got to try. Order up RJ Grunts’ Buffalo Chicken Nachos or go for the classics with Hub 51’s Famous Pulled Chicken Nachos.

Order carryout or delivery from RJ Grunts. Make a reservation at RJ Grunts. 

Hand dipping into a cheesy plate of Hub 51's Famous Pulled Chicken Nachos

Order carryout or delivery from Hub 51. Make a reservation at Hub 51.

The Ricotta Cavatelli from Osteria Via Stato

Wide plate of golden and saucy ricotta cavatelli from Osteria Via Stato

It’s true, we could eat pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner! There’s so many delicious handmade pastas to choose from at our restaurants like the Mama Depandi’s Bucatini at RPM Italian (Chicago & D.C.), the Gnocchi Bolognese at Antico Posto, the Spicy Shrimp Scampi at il Porcellino or the Rigatoni with Sasuage and Broccoli from Saranello’s to name a few. But you can’t go wrong with Osteria’s Ricotta Cavatelli with wild mushrooms, ricotta cheese, and parmesan broth, it’s perfectly suited for those chilly winter nights.

Order carryout and delivery from Osteria Via Stato. Make a reservation at Osteria Via Stato.

View more of our best pastas here.

il Porcellino’s Burrata Lasagna

Burrata Lasagna from il PorcellinoSpeaking of pasta, how do you feel about layers of lasagna noodles and burrata cheese smothered in Bolognese sauce? If you’re nodding your head feverishly, you’re in the right place. Adding on the Garlic Bread to your order is always a good idea, so go ahead! 

Order carryout or delivery from il Porcellino. Make a reservation at il Porcellino.

Check out this recipe and make an il Porcellino inspired lasagna at home.

Lobster Mac & Cheese from Shaw’s Crab House

Pan of Shaw's lobster mac and cheese

It’s your childhood favorite, but with delicious, fresh lobster! Shaw’s Lobster Mac & Cheese makes for a delicious side dish or make a meal out of it. For more elevated options of this comfort food classic, try RPM Seafood’s King Crab Mac & Cheese! Looking for a classic, downright cheesy version? Might we suggest Bub City’s Mac N’ Cheesy!

Order Shaw’s Crab House – Chicago for carryout or delivery. Make a reservation on the Shaw’s Crab House – Chicago.

Order Shaw’s Crab House – Schaumburg for carryout or delivery. Make a reservation on the Shaw’s Crab House – Schaumburg.

L. Woods’ Barbecue Brisket Sandwich

L. Wood's Barbecue Beef Brisket SandwichGet your southern comfort on with this Barbecue Brisket Sandwich with prime brisket, Tillamook cheddar, BBQ sauce and crispy jalapeños & onions.

Order from L. Woods for delivery or carryout | Make a reservation at L. Woods 

Angry Crab Bucatini from The Oakville Grill & Cellar
Angry crab bucatini from The Oakville

Putting a Californian twist on quintessential comfort food, The Oakville Grill & Cellar prepares beloved dishes using simple, high quality ingredients. Their Angry Crab Bucatini with Calabrian chili is just one of their many hearty meals that warms hearts and fills appetites.
Make a reservation at The Oakville Grill & Cellar.

Any Burger from M Burger (but make it Roman-Style)

Roman-style burger from M Burger, made with a grilled cheese sandwich for each bun. A portion of fries and a milkshake are displayed in the background.

Burgers count as a food group right? Whether you like your burger classic, vegetarian and topped with black truffle, we’ve got a burger that’s perfect for you. Check out M Burger and be sure to ask for your burger Roman-Style, which means you get a grilled cheese for each bun on any sandwich.

Order carryout or delivery from M Burger.

Looking for more burger inspiration? Check out our guide to some of our best burgers at Lettuce restaurants near you.

And for dessert, the Triple Layer Chocolate Cake from Wildfire

Wildfire's Triple Layer Chocolate Cake on a plate

It’s OK to skip right to dessert! For the ultimate decadent, chocolate bite, order up Wildfire’s Triple Layer Chocolate Cake.

Order carryout or delivery or make a reservation at the Wildfire location nearest you.

For more dessert ideas, here’s our dessert guide.

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