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Hot Honey Brussels Sprouts at Beatrix

Hot Picks: Spicy Dishes & Drinks

Turn up the heat with these five-alarm faves

Comin’ in hot! When you’re in the mood for something with a spicy kick, fire up this list of the spiciest dishes and drinks from across Lettuce, categorized by heat level from Mild to Medium to Hot. Whether you’re looking for sweet heat or tear-inducing, we want to know: Can you take the heat?

Heat Level: Mild

Shakshuka at Beatrix
Shakshuka at Beatrix
Poached eggs served in a rich, subtly spicy tomato sauce, with kale, feta and toasted pita.
View the menu at Beatrix | Make a reservation at Beatrix
Get Beatrix Pastry Chef-Partner Yasmin Gutierrez’s recipe for Spicy Mexican Chocolate Cookies
Bloody Mary at Beatrix
Spicy Bloody Mary at Beatrix
Get your blood pumping with this lip-smacking bloody, made with Grey Goose citron and brown sugar bacon.
View the menu at Beatrix | Make a reservation at Beatrix
Discover more of Lettuce’s must-try Bloody Marys!
Ema Lamb Shakshuka
Lamb Shakshuka at Ema
Wake up your senses with this smoky dish (available during weekend brunch only!) featuring braised lamb served with baked egg, spicy harissa and house bread.
View the menu at Ema | Make a reservation at Ema 
Click here to get the recipe for Aba and Ema Chef CJ Jacobsen’s Spicy Hummus
Chicken wings at R.J. Grunts
R.J.’s Wings at R.J. Grunts
Eight yummy wings come slathered in Tangy BBQ (mild), Buffalo (medium), or Spicy Hot and served with your choice of ranch or blue cheeze (and celery, whether you like it or not!).
View the menu at R.J. Grunts | Make a reservation at R.J. Grunts 
Sake Bombs at Ramen-san
Spicy Kimchi Sake Bomb at Sushi-san
Get a quick and spicy flavor bomb with the Spicy Kimchi Sake Bomb at Sushi-san, which balances the heat with refreshing Asahi beer!
View the menu at Sushi-san | Make a reservation at Sushi-san

Heat Level: Medium

Hot Honey Brussels Sprouts at Beatrix
Hot Honey Brussels Sprouts at Beatrix
Your favorite roasted vegetable, tossed with condiment-of-the-moment hot honey, pickled Fresno pepper and crushed peanuts. These are what spicy dreams are made of!
View the menu at Beatrix | Make a reservation at Beatrix
Texas Hot Link starter at Bub City
Texas Hot Link at Bub City
House-made smoked Texas hot link sausage comes sliced to stack with zesty pimento cheese and b&b pickle on a saltine cracker (just trust us!).
View the menu at Bub City – River North | Make a reservation at Bub City – River North
View the menu at Bub City – Rosemont | Make a reservation at Bub City – Rosemont
Try another of the BBQ favorite’s spicy starters with the recipe for Bub City’s Chili Cheese Nachos!
Bang Bang Crispy Cauliflower at Hub 51
Bang Bang Crispy Cauliflower at Hub 51
The Famous Pulled Chicken Nachos are the go-to starter at Hub 51 but spice aficionados will LOVE these tempura fried cauliflower bites tossed with spicy miso mayo and finished with togarashi, scallion and lime.
View the menu at Hub 51 | Make a reservation at Hub 51
Spicy Scampi Spaghetti at il Porcellino
Spicy Scampi Spaghetti at il Porcellino
A staff favorite: Delicious pan roasted shrimp, whole cloves of roasted garlic, and fiery Calabrian chilis, all deglazed with brandy and tossed with imported spaghetti.
View the menu at il Porcellino | Make a reservation at il Porcellino
Crispy Buffalo Cauliflower at L. Woods
Crispy Cauliflower at L. Woods Tap & Pine Lodge
A vegetarian take on buffalo wings, these crispy morsels come smothered in spicy buffalo sauce (made with a splash of Tabasco!) and served with a side of blue cheese or ranch dressing.
View the menu at L. Woods Tap & Pine Lodge | Make a reservation at L. Woods Tap & Pine Lodge 
Get the recipe for L. Woods’ Crispy Cauliflower
Meatball and Ricotta Pizza at Pizzeria Portofino
Meatball & Ricotta Pizza at Pizzeria Portofino
Topped with Fior de Latte, parmesan and spicy giardiniera, you’ll need one of Portofino’s spritzers to quench your thirst! For another spicy take, order the Charred Pepperoni Pizza, which comes with a pot of hot honey to drizzle.
View the menu at Pizzeria Portofino | Make a reservation at Pizzeria Portofino
Spicy Miso Whole Maine Lobster at RPM Steak
Spicy Miso Lobster (Whole or Half) at RPM Steak
A hot take on a luxe dish, RPM Steak removes a Whole Maine Lobster tail from its shell, slices it, then glazes it with spicy miso before placing the tail back in the shell and caramelizing, resulting in a sweet but fiery flavor. It’s served with lemon, parsley and the claws and knuckles glazed in butter and tobanjan.
El Diablo—En Fuego at Shaw’s Crab House
Brand new on the menu at Shaw’s, is a devilish new twist on the El Diablo, a classic cocktail that first appeared in the 1946 Trader Vic’s recipe book. Traditionally made with tequila, Shaw’s El Diablo—En Fuego switches it up to mezcal to add smoky depth. Next, cassis liqueur adds sweetness to balance out spicy ginger beer, then kicks up the heat again with a house-made chili tincture. Want to go hotter? Ask the bartender to add an extra drop or two of the chili tincture!
Spicy Tuna Maki Roll at Sushi-san
Spicy Maki Rolls (Tuna, Scallop or Salmon) at Sushi-san 
Set taste buds afire with Sushi-san’s maki, available in 5- or 10-piece orders, including: Spicy Tuna Maki, lean tuna dressed with spicy tobanjan and black sesame seeds; Spicy Salmon Maki (pictured above), Faroe Island salmon mixed with yuzu and spicy Korean gochujang; and Spicy Scallop Maki, chopped Hudson Canyon scallops mixed with spicy mayo, torched and finished with togarashi ichimi (red chili pepper!).
View the menu at Sushi-san | Make a reservation at Sushi-san

Sweet Heat 'Rita at Wildfire Restaurants

Sweet Heat ‘Rita at Wildfire
The steak-and-chops stalwart’s spin on a margarita includes jalapeño-infused tequila topped with some bubbles and served in a martini glass rimmed with chili-lime tajín seasoning for a sparkling, salty-sweet treat!
View the menu at Wildfire | Make a reservation at the Wildfire location nearest you

Get the recipe for Wildfire’s Sweet Heat ‘Rita

Heat Level: Hot

Green Vegetable Curry at Big Bowl

Spicy Thai Green Vegetable Curry with Tofu at Big Bowl
Vegetarian spice-lovers: This one’s for you! The hottest dish on Big Bowl’s menu features tofu, bok choy, peapods, red bell pepper, green beans, carrots, red onions, peas and Thai chilies, all tossed with spicy green curry sauce and a squeeze of fresh lime. Try Big Bowl’s other spicy sauces like Panang Curry, Sichuan and Kung Pao.
View the menu at Big Bowl | Make a reservation at the Big Bowl location nearest you

Baby Back Ribs at L. Woods
Ribs with “Spicy Devil Sauce” at L. Woods Tap & Pine Lodge
L. Woods sells more than 1,500 pounds of ribs a week, and spice-lovers in-the-know opt to get a half- or full slab of Creekstone Beef or Baby Back Ribs with L. Woods “spicy devil sauce,” which is made in-house with cayenne and white pepper, Tabasco and atomic horseradish.

Dinner at Ramen-san kimchi ramen fried chicken

Kimchi & Fried Chicken Ramen at Ramen-san
This crunchy, spicy ramen bowl brings the heat with pork broth, Tokyo wavy noodles, green onion, spicy kimchi, karaage fried chicken, buttered corn, fried garlic and house-made sesame chili oil.
View the menu at Ramen-san | Make a reservation at the Ramen-san location nearest you
Spicy Szechuan Wings at Ramen-san
Spicy Szechuan Wings at Ramen-san 
These crispy chicken wings are tossed in a house-made spicy sesame chili sauce and served with fried garlic, pickled Japanese daikon radish and lime kosho mayo to balance the classic szechuan-style heat.

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